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Hellenic-Serbian Cooperation on Environmental Institution Building
Athens-Belgrade, 20/10/2003

The project concerns the scientific collaboration on environmental governance, administrative practice and institutional and legal aspects of environmental protection. Its objective is to contribute to the environmental institution building and to strengthen the administrative structures for environmental protection and sustainable development in Serbia. The project is financed by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the framework of the Hellenic Development Cooperation (HELLENIC AID).

In the context of the project, contributions on the following thematic fields have been elaborated by the Greek and Serbian experts:

-          Administrative practice

-          Legal and institutional framework - Environmental Jurisprudence and case law

-          Environmental policy-making and governance    

-          NGO’s actions and practice      

-          International Environmental Diplomacy

-          The use of Economic Instruments

CVs comprise the profile of the scientific experts participating in the project.

CONTRIBUTIONS contain the experts' research papers.

DOCUMENTS list environmental texts (national, international and Community legislative texts) with institutions building relevance.

The views expressed in the individual contributions are strictly personal and do not reflect those of the Institutions, Organs or NGOs, with whom the authors cooperate or by whom they are employed.

Soon the final outcome of the project will be published in a CD-ROM.


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